TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ struggles this season, a win over the Carolina Panthers will allow the Bucs to repeat as NFC South champions and guarantee themselves a home playoff game.

The last time the Bucs (7-8) and Panthers (6-9) went head-to-head, Carolinas’ star running back Christian McCaffrey had just been traded to the 49ers and QB Baker Mayfield sat out with an injury. In the end, the Bucs shockingly fell to the Panthers 21-3.

“We know the importance of the game,” Bucs’ head coach Todd Bowles said. “That doesn’t have to be harped on.”

FINAL: Buccaneers 30 – Panthers 24

0:46: Delay of Game called on Tampa Bay – 5-yard penalty

0:58: White carries for 4 yards, stops in bounds at Panthers’ 40. Carolina uses its first time out.

1:54: Darnold passes short left to Hubbard for 19 yards.

2:00: Brady sneak! Brady takes the ball 1-yard for a TD, extra point is no good. Bucs extend the lead 30-21.

2:32: Anthony Nelsons’ strip sack recovered by Vita Vea allows Tampa Bay to run the ball in for a 6-yard TD, but the play was reversed stating that Fournette was short of the line.

2:48: Brady sacked at TB40 for a loss of 7. Delay of Game called on Brady – 5-yard penalty – enforced at TB40.

6:53: TOUCHDOWN!! Brady slings it 30 yards to Mike Evans for a TD. Bucs go for the two-point conversion and it’s good. Bucs 24, Panthers 21.

7:23: Brady and Otton finally connect for 12 yards. 1st & 10 CAR42.

7:55: Brady passes short middle to Gage for 21 yards.

8:46: Fournette with the first down. He picks up 11 yards at 2nd & 2 TB28.

9:33: Tight window for Brady and he gets it to Godwin for a first down.

10:09: Delay of Game called on Panthers – 5 yards – enforced at CAR42 and the Bucs will force a punt.

10:56: William Gholston with a huge stop and pushes Foreman back for a loss.

13:58: MIKE EVANS TD. Brady launches the ball for a 57-yard TD. Two-point conversion is no good. Panthers 21, Bucs 16.

11:45: Pass Interference called on Panthers, first down for Bucs.

14:56: Darnold passes to Smith for a 19-yard TD. Panthers 21, Bucs 10.

End of the third quarter: Panthers 14 – Buccaneers 10

1:01: Darnold passes incomplete to Moore. Holding called on Tampa Bay – 5 yard penalty.

1:28: Holding called on Carolina – 10 yards – enforced at TB31.

2:18: Darnold passes DEEP right to Moore for 47 yards.

3:43: Bucs end a 90-yard drive with nothing. Succop’s 26-yard FG is blocked.

4:49: Brady to Gage for 5 yards. Holding called on Panthers- declined.

6:53: Evans goes up top to snag Brady’s pass for 13. 1st & 10 CAR26.

8:10: Brady to Godwin for 9 yards. 1st & 10 TB50.

10:15: Julio Jones pushes the ball down field for 13 yards.

10:49: Brady passes short right to Godwin for 18 yards.

10:57: Darnold passes deep middle intended for Sullivan – Sean Murphy-Bunting intercepts it at the 2.

12:54: Darnold scrambles right for 9 yards before running out.

14:26: Brady passes short middle to White for an 11-yard gain.

15:00: Panthers’ Pineiro kicks 65 yards from CAR35 to end zone – touchback.

End of the second quarter: Panthers 14 – Buccaneers 10

2:04: Darnold fumbles and the ball is recovered by Devin White.

2:18: TOUCHDOWN!!!!! EVANS SCORES A HUGE 63 YARD TD! Panthers 14, Bucs 7.

2:58: Brady passes short to Otton to pick up 5.

5:34: Moore gets pushed back for a 1-yard loss.

5:46: Almost a fumble for Panthers on the punt return, but he was down when he lost the ball. Panthers first down.

6:27: SACKED. Brady gets dropped at 3rd & 10 TB25 for a loss of 8.

7:27: Brady to Otton for 30 yards. Pass Interference called on Godwin, Bucs get pushed back 10 yards at TB28.

7:57: DJ Moore scores the second touchdown for the Panthers to extend the lead 14-0.

9:56: Darnold pass short left to Moore for 7 yards before being pushed out.

12:05: Bucs’ Succop goes for the 53-yard field goal attempt and it’s no good. Panthers 7, Bucs 0.

13:23: Brady to Evans for 13 yards.

14:01: Brady sneaks over the middle to get the first down.

15:00: Brady goes to White who picks up 7 before being pushed out.

End of the first quarter: Panthers 7 – Buccaneers 0

1:04: Brady over the middle to Russell Gage for a first down.

1:42: Rachaad White spins out and stays in bounds to pick up 6 yards.

2:46: Brady to Evans again and he’ll pick up 7 yards at 2nd & 6 TB23.

3:21: Brady passes short right to Evans for 4 yards.

3:29: Hekker punts 57 yards to TB19 – fair catch by Thompkins.

5:10: SACKED. Brady gets taken down at TB35 for a loss of 6. Camarda punts 47 yards to CAR18 and ball is return to CAR24 for a 6 yard gain.

7:05: Brady goes back to Godwin for a gain of 21 at TB38.

7:13: Panthers’ Hekker punts 41 yards to TB17 – fair catch by Thompkins.

9:20: Brady passes short to Godwin for 26 yards, Godwin fumbled the ball and Carolina recovered it.

10:23: Holding called Bucs – 10 yards – enforced at TB42.

11:39: Holding called on Panthers to help the Bucs a little after the pass from Brady is incomplete – first down.

11:44: Darnold goes deep right to Tommy Tremble for a 17-yard touchdown. Panthers 7, Bucs 0.

11:48: Pass Interference called on Bucs’ Antoine Winfield Jr. – 6 yards- enforced at TB23.

14:35: Darnold goes to Shi Smith for 11 yards at TB38.

15:00: Panthers’ Sam Darnold passes deep right to DJ Moore to pick up 26 yards.