GLENDALE, Ariz. (WFLA) – Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are gearing up to face off against the Arizona Cardinals for a Christmas night game on Sunday.

Brady is making his Christmas Day debut for the first time in his 23-year career. With the Bucs (6-8) losing the last two games and falling under .500, Tampa Bay is clinging to first place in the NFC South by one game.

On the other side of the field, Cardinals’ quarterback Trace McSorley will not only make his Christmas Day debut but his NFL debut as well.

The Cardinals (4-10) are limping down the stretch, turning to the team’s third-string quarterback. The 27-year-old McSorley has been pushed into a starting role after injuries to Kyler Murray and Colt McCoy.

FINAL: Buccaneers 19 – Cardinals 16


5:45: Brady passes short to Gage for 13 yards. Gage was injured during the play.

6:10: Huge pass play for Brady to Evans. Evans picks up 16 yards.

6:40: Brady goes to Jones to move the chains 5 yards.

7:05: Brady hits Gage for 23 yards. Cardinals’ Thompson and Bucs’ Gage was injured during the play.

7:14: Brady goes to Evans for 8 yards.

9:19: McSorley passes short right to Brown. Replay officials reviewed the short of line to gain ruling – and the play was REVERSED. Brown picked up 11 yards. 1st & 10 ARI.

9:54: Connor runs and gets pushed back for a yard loss. Bucs’ David almost picked it off.

10:00: McSorley passes incomplete to Hopkins.

End of the fourth quarter: Bucs 16 – Cardinals 16

0:04: McSorley pass deep right is intercepted by Bucs’ Neal for no gain. We’re heading into OT.

0:04: False start called on Cardinals – 5-yard penalty – enforced at ARI49.

0:09: McSorley spiked the ball to stop the clock.

0:25: McSorley passes to Connor for 22 yards.

0:56: McSorley passes short left to Dortch.

1:32: Brady to Otton for 7 yards.

2:27: McSorley pass short left to McBride. Ineligible downfield pass called on Cardinals – 5-yard penalty.

2:31: Succop hits a 65-yard FG to tie the ball game at 16-16.

4:17: Brady goes short middle to Godwin, he gets pushed back for a 10-yard loss.

4:53: McSorley fumbles and the ball is recovered by Bucs’ Gholston.

8:07: Brady passes short left to R. White for a Bucs TD!! Bucs add 7 to the board. Cardinals lead 16-13.

10:53: Cardinals’ Conner runs for 22 yards for an Arizona TD. The first one of the game. Cardinals are up 16-6.

11:33: McSorley goes up the middle for 2. 3rd & 1 TB24.

12:39: Camarda punts 36 yards to ARI39. Cooper returns it for 28 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

12:43: Brady’s pass to Evans is nearly deflected for a third interception tonight.

14:11: Prater hits a 39-yard FG to give the Cardinals their first lead of the night. Cardinals lead Bucs 9-6.

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 6 – Cardinals 6

0:43: McSorley goes deep to Brown for a huge 47-yard gain. 1st & 10 TB20.

3:14: A repeat of the first half with another Brady interception by Marcus. Brady’s pass intended for Evans is picked off by Wilson for no gain.

3:58: Fournette up the middle, but is pushed back for a 2-yard loss by Watt.

5:18: Brady to Russell Gage for a first down. Gage picked up 11 yards.

5:18: False start called on Cade Otton. 5-yard penalty.

10:20: McSorley passes short right to Dortch for 9 yards.

11:36: Conner ran for 6 yards before being pushed out. Holding called on Cards’ Williams – 9-yard penalty – enforced at ARI18.

11:45: Camarda punts 52 yards. Offensive holding called on Cardinals’ Matthew. Unnecessary roughness called on Cards’ Vallejo – 15-yard penalty – enforced at ARI33.

12:29: Brady passes short to Godwin for 4 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

13:17: Lee punts 58 yards to TB9. Downed by Bucs’ Hairston.

13:52: McSorely passes short to Dortch for 4 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 – touchback.

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 6 – Cardinals 6

0:12: Cardinals’ Prater goes for a 53-yard FG and it bounces off the poles and into the field. Just a few seconds before halftime, we’re tied up at 6-6.

0:30: McSorley throws incomplete to McBride. 2nd & 7 ARI44.

0:45: McSorley passes short left to Conner for 8 yards.

2:28: Brady to Fournette for 7 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

3:09: Lee punts 38 yards to TB9. Fair catch by Thompkins.

3:57: Bucs’ Ryan pushes Conner back for a 1-yard loss.

4:33: Conner runs for 6 yards before running out of bounds.

5:23: Brady passes deep left intended for Evans but Cardinals’ Marco Wilson picks it off and runs the ball for 39 yards. Arizona’s Simmons was injured during the play.

5:50: Brady passes short to middle to Godwin for 10 yards.

7:14: R. White goes up the middle for a yard before being stopped by Watt.

8:18: Succop saves the day with a 35-yard FG. Bucs 6, Cards 3.

9:36: Brady to Otton for 10 yards and holding is called on Tristan Wirfs. 10-yard penalty.

9:42: Brady goes to Jones for 10 yards and he runs it in for a TD. Illegal shift called on Bucs of a 10-yard penalty.

10:53: Brady with the sneak. He takes the ball up the middle himself for a short 2 yards. Cardinals’ Hill was injured during the play.

12:51: Brady goes to Godwin to pick up 12 yards.

13:51: LENNY FOURNETTE with a big run for the Bucs. He picked up 23 yards before being pushed out of bounds. This was Fournette’s longest run of the year.

14:17: Brady passes short to Godwin for 5 yards. Bucs’ Josh Wells was hurt during the play. He’s filling in for Donovan Smith.

15:00: Fournette goes up the middle for 3 yards.

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 3 – Cardinals 3

0:37: Cardinals’ Matt Prater kicks a 56-yard FG to tie the game up at 3-3.

1:47: Dortch picks up 20 yards for Arizona. 1st & 10 ARI39.

2:48: Brady to Evans for 5 yards.

3:28: Rachaad White runs up the middle but is pushed back by J.J. Watt for a 1-yard loss.

5:37: Cardinals’ Conner goes for 3 yards. Offensive holding called on Garcia – 10-yard penalty.

7:38: Leonard Fournette takes the ball down field for 14 yards.

7:38: False start called on Tampa Bay – 5-yard penalty.

7:47: McSorley sacked for a 7-yard loss. Bucs’ Nelson forced a fumble and Devin White recovered it.

9:34: McSorley goes deep right to Dortch for 23 yards. Bucs’ Logan Ryan was injured during the play.

9:59: Cardinals’ Conner goes up the middle for 11 yards.

10:45: Direct snap to Andy Lee, Lee passes short to Grugier-Hill for 4 yards.

12:53: Cardinals’ QB Trace McSorley passed short right to Dortch for 11 yards.

13:27: Ryan Succop puts the first points on the board for the Buccaneers with a 38-yard FG. Bucs 3, Cardinals 0.

14:54: R. White gains 18 yards – 1st & 10 ARI27.

15:00: Bucs’ Tom Brady passes incomplete deep to Julio Jones. Pass Interference called on Cardinals – 30 yards – enforced at TB25.