TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – In this week’s episode of Run For Fun with Leigh Spann, we discuss ways to get out of an exercise rut. 

For a healthier lifestyle, consistent exercise is important, but if you do the same thing several times a week, it can start to get tedious. Once that happens, the walk or run may feel more like a chore and less fun.

Coach Maria and Leigh discuss ways to stay motivated to get the miles in by changing up aspects of your run or walk. 

You can change your location and see new sights. You can go out with a partner or different running group. You can even purchase new workout gear or equipment to help spice things up. 

Just like in life, even things we enjoy can get stale. It’s a good reminder not to let the momentary staleness keep us from the bigger goal of a healthier life. 

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