BANGOR, Maine (WFLA/WABI) – A little lamb didn’t have the easiest start, but he’s now living the good life.

The 2-week-old lamb is from Toddy Pond Farm in Monroe, Maine.

His name is Nugget.

“He was born one of three lambs, born to one of our three ewes. He right away was not very strong and didn’t nurse from his mother very quickly,” said Greg Purinton-Brown, who owns the farm.

“We were still experiencing quite a bit of cold weather at that point, and so when he didn’t start to nurse, his body temperature began to drop.”

As the cold weather continued, the owners stepped in and brought Nugget inside to be bottle fed.

As his health improved, he began taking trips to farmer’s markets, attracting a lot of attention.

Now, Nugget spends his time with the family drinking special milk and staying warm in his sweater.

“He’s special for us just because he’s pretty personable, he’s pretty easy going. He’s like a little baby, I guess. It’s kind of nice to have him around,” said Purinton-Brown.

Purinton-Brown and the other folks at Toddy Pond Farm say battle feeding lambs is common practice, but Nugget’s popularity has been undeniable in recent weeks.

The farm is open for visitors in May.