TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — For most women, it is a daily fight against the Florida humidity. Take just a few steps outside and all the work you put into making the perfect hairstyle is lost to the frizz.

The husband and wife team of Andres and Claudia Tobar at L.A. Gallery Hair & Make-Up Studio in Tampa have some hacks to give the old one-two punch to humidity.

Andres Tobar, owner of L.A. Gallery, reminds us that the best hack is often the easiest.Hack #1: Don’t fight your natural hair so much.

Start with a good haircut that fits your hair type. “If you have hair that’s really, really curly, sometimes it’s not the best to try to make it straight all the time,” said Tobar. He recommends using a hair cream to weigh those curls down to give them more of a ringlet-look.Hack #2: Use your hair’s natural oil to fight humidity.

Tobar explains that oil tones down frizzing and gives hair a nice shine. Brush dry hair with a stiff, boar bristle brush for several minutes each day. “You have to brush it on the scalp and through the ends. When you do that on a consistent basis, it takes the natural oil that we perceive as dirt that sits on the scalp and distributes it to the ends,” said Tobar.Hack #3: Use heat and tension to smooth hair.

“A hot blow dryer is a good answer to fighting humidity,” explains Tobar. Curly hair already has some resistance when brushing, so by adding the heat from the dryer, it will help reduce frizz. For very curly hair, a product may be needed to help the brush glide through the locks. For straight or fine hair, a thickening spray or product should be added to help grip the hair to the brush to provide the needed tension.

Once you have tamed your hair, it is time to keep a fresh face in the sticky air.Hack #4: Prepare your skin before applying make-up.

Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and use a primer or moisturizer. “If you don’t prepare your skin, your skin starts producing more oil, so by the end of the day, your skin is super oily,” said Claudia Tobar.”Hack #5: Set your make-up with a powder or spray.

“It absorbs the oil. It sets the make-up, and it sets everything in place,” explains Claudia. She also recommends using a waterproof mascara for those extra-humid or rainy days. Finally, powder your lips before your apply liner, so it will not bleed off your lips.

Five simple hacks to look fantastic and win the battle over humidity.MORE TOP CLICKED STORIES: