LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) – Fred Koehler works quietly on a couch by a window in the Catapult building in Lakeland. He’s sketching a character on a workpad.

As an author and illustrator, Koehler has worked on eight children’s books for major publishers. His ninth was different. It was special.

“They just described the fact that of all the wishes she could possibly have, she loved stories and she wanted somebody to write a story about her and could I help?” Fred Koehler said.

Fred Koehler

The phone call from Make-A-Wish Southern Florida came months ago. A Lake Worth girl, Quinn McBride, now 5, wanted to be able to read a book all about her.

“I was most touched by the fact that she wanted her story told. I think that’s what any of us want as human beings,” said Keohler.

In her young life, Quinn McBride underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant in her battle against leukemia. She is now in remission.

While in treatment, McBride watched videos of monsters. She loved Halloween.

It can take a long time to put together a seamless narrative in a children’s book, Koehler thought. Time they didn’t have.

“She loved spooky stories and I thought to myself, ah ha. I’ll ask every single friend I know in the industry to come up with a monster and write a monster story that has Quinn in it and we’ll put it all together in this book for her,” said Koehler.

“Quinn’s Monsters” is a collection of Halloween-themed short stories, featuring Quinn and her stuffed animal pals.

“Where’s baby Peppa?” asked Quinn.

“Baby Peppa’s in there too,” said Koehler.

“But where is she?” asked Quinn.

Quinn just wanted to make sure everyone is included.

“Her being able to be with this huge group of kids and have a book about her and all this, honestly it’s a little overwhelming. It’s amazing, it really is,” said Daniel McBride, Quinn’s father.

Seventy authors and illustrators submitted pieces for the book and Koehler whittled it down to about 40 artists, cutting his own story to include others.

Koehler said it included several artists who have never been published before. One of them found out her work would be on the cover while in line at the bank.

“She told me she burst into tears just because this was such an encouragement to her as well. Everything about this whole project has encouraged and blessed so many people,” Koehler told the crowd at the wish reveal.

There are about 40 copies of the book, for Quinn and her family and friends.

As she turns the page to the next chapter of her life, her family is excited for the roller coaster of cancer treatment to be over.

“You’re either at the lowest of the low or the highest of the high and now it’s just great to be normal again it seems like,” said Daniel McBride.