Kentucky is a step closer to a new law that would let gun owners carry and conceal their firearms without getting a permit. 

The State House of Representatives passed the bill and the Governor says he’ll sign. 

“It doesn’t break new ground, but I think it’s good actually and I’ll sign it,” said Gov. Matt Bevin. 

The Republican Governor put his stamp of approval on the NRA-backed Senate bill. 

“It recognizes the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. That’s really it. It doesn’t break any ground.” 

Once he signs it, Kentucky will become the 16th state where you can conceal-carry your gun without a permit. It applies to people 21 and up who are legally allowed to have a gun in the first place. 

“I’m a conceal-carry gun owner, and so are many in Kentucky now. You will not need to go through a process and get a license and permission in order to have your 2nd Amendment right,” said Bevin. 

But critics argue the bill means gun owners will have less training by getting rid of the licensing requirement. 

Right now, if you apply for a concealed-carry license, you have to complete courses. 

The Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police also opposed the bill, saying it doesn’t address their concerns. 

There’s no word on when the Governor will sign it, but he has a message to people who aren’t on board. 

“This is America not everybody agrees on everything. That’s the beauty of America. For those people who are offended at this idea and don’t like it, there are other places in America where they could live and/or they can learn to live with what they don’t like in their own immediate state.”

The law, if signed, would still require residents to carry a permit when traveling to other states where concealed-carry is in place.