TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — New details are coming out about the death of Kathleen Moore and the arrest of her boyfriend Collin Knapp, who is charged with her murder.

Pasco County detectives and crime scene technicians went over every detail inside of Knapp’s home on Tuesday. It was the same day Knapp made his first appearance in front of a Pasco County judge, and Sheriff Chris Nocco announced Moore’s body had been found in the woods behind Knapp’s home.

An arrest document filed in court details what led detectives to arrest Knapp.

One of Moore’s friends called authorities to report her missing on Nov. 30. They called Moore’s cell phone and said it was answered by a man who said he was homeless. The man told Moore’s friends he found the phone in a dumpster behind a business near Knapp’s home.

Detectives then went to Knapp’s home. According to the arrest document, he admitted he was in a relationship with Moore and said they had been in an argument over food but that she walked out of his house. He said he never saw her again, according to the document.

Detectives said they later obtained security camera video from where Knapp works at Harold Seltzer’s Steakhouse, and saw him putting things in a dumpster. Court documents said an examination of the dumpster by detectives later turned up blood-stained bedding and Moore’s clothes.

Moore’s friends are now relieved Knapp is under arrest.

“We were kind of holding out hope but now, I mean, it is closure,” longtime friend Noelle Custodio said.