Katharine the Great White shark appears to be making her way closer to us.

On Friday she pinged in waters off Florida’s east coast. Katharine is 14 feet, 2 inches in length and weighs 2,300 pounds. She’s traveled almost 13,680 miles since she was tagged by OCEARCH in August 2013.

Katharine made her way to Florida waters in January 2015, pinging off the coast of St. Augustine. After hanging around Florida, she traveled north. In April she pinged in waters near North Carolina.

Last year Katharine made her way around Florida, swimming very close to the state. She spent much of June and the early part of July 2014 in the Gulf near Sarasota, close to Tampa and below Panama City. She then made her way to cooler waters.

On April 5 of this year Betsy the Great White pinged in waters near the Tampa Bay area. Her location hasn’t been recorded since. She did ping on May 5 but didn’t surface long enough for OCEARCH to get a location.

Track both sharks here.

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