WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLA) — Katharine, the great white shark known for her size, has pinged off the coast of Florida.

Katharine was last detected on Friday morning, however according to OCEARCH, did not surface long enough to get a location.

On Sunday, January 8th, Katharine’s satellite transmitter pinged off the coast of West Palm Beach.

OCEARCH researchers captured Katharine off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in August 2013 and attached a transmitter to her dorsal fin. Katharine is 14 feet, 2 inches in length and weighs 2,300 pounds. In 2014, Katharine became OCEARCH’s first Atlantic great white shark to migrate past the Florida Keys into the Gulf of Mexico.

Satellite data shows Katharine has traveled nearly 29,000 miles since being tagged.Track Katharine – Click Here