TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A 43-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of stabbing a man to death in Sarasota last week, police said.

On Nov. 21, police got a request for a welfare check at Eugenia Bright’s home after she did not show up for work.

Police entered the home, which is in the 800 block of Mecca Drive, and found Bright fading in and out of consciousness on a bed in the main bedroom, next to a bottle of pills.

There was blood on her clothes, but there were no defensive wounds or signs of being battered, police said.

Bright told detectives she took 12 pills and tried to kill herself. When asked what happened, she started crying and said she was tired, according to police.

Paramedics rushed Bright to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and gave her Narcan to treat an overdose.

Police found an 8 to 10-inch kitchen knife on the dresser along with a note from Bright.

“I do not want a funeral!!!!” she wrote, according to police. “Just cremate me! Do not take my body to [redacted]. Just find someone that will do a cremation!”

The note also asks that two women be notified of her death.

Police said the victim was found covered in blood in the main bathroom, and there was blood splattered on the sink and the walls. The 53-year-old had been stabbed and had two large incisions on his back, according to police.

Police did not identify the man, citing Marsy’s law, which gives victims and their families the right to have their names withheld.

A witness later told detectives they heard a woman screaming from inside her apartment around the time of the murder.

Police went to the hospital to interview Bright again, but she refused to answer questions, invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Bright was arrested and faces a charge of second-degree murder. She is being held at the Sarasota County Jail without bond.

The man’s death remains under investigation. Those with information about the case are being asked to call the Sarasota Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 941-263-6070 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 941-366-TIPS or online at www.sarasotacrimestoppers.com.

If you or a loved one are thinking about suicide, please get help by calling 988.