NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) — Carol Kickery was driving to visit her daughter when she saw the crash.

“I watched a blue SUV car hit a pedestrian on a bike,” Kickery recalled. “I turn around to help the pedestrian. The guy gets out of the blue SUV, walks back and forth as I’m trying to help the pedestrian, [the guy] steals my car, comes down here, hits another car, and rolls my car.”

Wednesday was a long day for the Good Samaritan.

“I just want to home,” Kickery chuckled. “I just want to go home.”

According to Florida Highway Patrol, New Port Richey resident Matthew Tyler Russo was driving on the wrong side of Seven Springs Boulevard on Wednesday. Russo drove onto the sidewalk and hit a 22-year-old man on a bike, incapacitating him.

All Kickery saw was a blur.

“All I saw was him going through the air,” Kickery explained. “I couldn’t see his face. He turned over when I approached him.”

The police report said after 33-year-old Russo stole Kickery’s SUV, he drove it less than half a mile down the road, subsequently crashing it into another car stopped at a red light, flipping Kickery’s SUV.

“The guy jumped out of the car,” Kelly Kersey said. “He was very erratic. He ran back and forth a couple times.”

Kersey and her family live in a house right in front of the second crash site. She saw it all from her front window.

“The motions he was making with his body and the movements, just wasn’t right,” Kersey said. “I didn’t know if he was hurt, but then I quickly realized he was definitely not right in the head.”

According to the FHP report, police suspect that Russo was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Jail records indicate Russo has been arrested 14 times, the most recent being Sept. 2 — 12 days ago. He was charged with possession of meth, possession or use of drug paraphernalia and resisting officer, obstructing without violence. He was released from prison earlier this year after serving time for multiple burglary charges from 2007-2009, according to jail records.

“It was really insane for a while,” Kersey said. “He was screaming, belligerent, I didn’t know what he was saying because he was really just all over the place.”

After a ruined day, Kickery wants justice.

“He should — need to pay for what you’ve done here today.”