TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Was George Jetson a pandemic baby?

Fans of the cartoon, “The Jetsons” took to Twitter on Sunday to wish the fictional character a happy birthday.

The popular animated series aired between 1962 and 1963, but the show was set 100 years in the future. The Jetsons had flying cars and a robot housekeeper.

According to fans, the Jetsons’ patriarch, George would have been born on July 31, 2022.

“I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but someone is about to give birth to George Jetson,” Brendan Kergin wrote Thursday, tweeting a photo of a fan website that listed Jetson’s birthday as the 31st.

Snopes fact-checked the claim and determined it was a “reasonable estimation of his birth year, although it is somewhat based on speculation.”

According to Snopes, in one of the episodes, George was told by a doctor that he “should live to be 150,” and he said “110 good years ahead of me.” This would make him 40 years old.

“Since the single season of “The Jetsons” aired during 1962-63, its setting of “exactly 100 years into the future” would mean George Jetson was 40 years old in 2062, and thus he would have been born in 2022,” Snopes explained.

Snopes did not establish whether he was born on the 31st.