UPDATE: Two active criminal investigations have been launched into Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s alleged relationship with his adviser, Rebekah Mason.

PREVIOUS STORY: Robert Bentley tells Rebekah Mason that he loves her in a recorded phone conversation between the two from August 2014. He says it 14 times in 43 minutes.

Last week the most sexually explicit moments of the recordings were released, but on Monday the full recording was released by the website Yellowhammer.

“You know, I worry about sometimes. I love you so much. I worry about loving you so much,” Bentley tells Mason. “I do. I do. You know, I feel like, all the time I’m thinking, ‘How can I contact her? How can I call her? How can I text her? How can I be in contact with her? How can we do this?’”

The governor also seemed annoyed the demands of his official schedule are getting in the way of his time with Mason. “You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking, ‘That time isn’t your time. That’s the time I want to spend with Rebekah,'” he says on the tape.

Just five days ago, Bentley denied a physical relationship with Mason. Earlier released recordings, however, revealed Bentley telling Mason how he loves to touch her breasts. In the expanded recording released Monday, the governor’s underwear is mentioned as he relays a story about someone showing up at his beach condo too early one morning.

“He came this morning before I had my clothes on,” Bentley tells Mason. “He just got to see my boxer shorts. Hey, you’ve seen those.”

The recordings seem to paint a picture of a man madly in love.

“I told you I loved you because I’ve loved you forever … This is not something new. I’ve loved you forever. I’ve loved you for many, many years … And I love you more now today than (inaudible). And I miss you. And I miss you. And I wish you were here with me right now, OK? And I wish I could hold you and I wish I could kiss you and I wish, you know, I wish that,” the governor is heard saying.

It’s a relationship that continues, according to former ALEA Director Spencer Collier.

“Less than a month ago, the governor told he was still madly in love with Rebekah Mason, but was a man of honor and wouldn’t ask her to divorce her husband,” he said.

Bentley denied any physical relationship with Mason last Wednesday. “What Mr. Collier is saying today isn’t accurate and it just isn’t true,” Bentley said.

The record of Bentley was made by his suspicious wife Dianne while the two were at their South Baldwin County beach condominium.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: 

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