(WFLA) — Tampa-based nonprofit, Project DYNAMO, announced Thursday that it rescued twin infants from a Russian state-run orphanage.

It was the organization’s first rescue mission inside Russia.

Project DYNAMO said a Texas family was pregnant with twins through a surrogate who lived in Donbass, eastern Ukraine. The surrogate mother fled the violence to Crimea and then made her way to Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she gave birth to twins in early September.

The twins, a boy and a girl, were discharged from a hospital and sent to an orphanage with the risk of being adopted by a Russian family, the organization said.

Project DYNAMO said the family worked tirelessly to get their newborns out of Russia since their birth. After several attempts to bring the babies home, the parents contacted the Tampa-based organization for help.

About a week later, the organization said Project DYNAMO founder Bryan Stern flew to Estonia, traveling to the Russian border town of Narva. There, the organization said it came up with a plan to bring the twins home.

Project DYNAMO said the mission took about a week to set up and was completed in one day.

“Once again, the Project DYNAMO team came through when others could not,” Stern said. “I’m always proud of my team, but I’m especially proud of them after completing our first mission inside of Russia. Had we not rescued the twins, who knows what their fate and future would be or if their parents would have ever met them. I’d like to express my deep appreciation to United States Embassy Moscow Consular Services, as well as U.S. Embassy Tallinn Consular.”

The parents of the twins, who asked not to be named, said they are grateful to bring their children home for the holidays.

“We are so thankful for the miracle Project DYNAMO made for us,” they said. “We have been incredibly frustrated and stressed since our babies were born, with trying to get them home to us to make our family. Project DYNAMO cut through the red tape and got the job done at light speed. Project DYNAMO made our family whole, and we’ll never forget that.”