Monday morning will be quiet and dry with temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees across the Bay Area before showers and storms arrive early in the afternoon. Storms will linger throughout the evening hours as highs rise to the low to mid 90s.

As Idalia strengthens, we will feel its effects Tuesday evening as rain and wind will start to increase. Rain bands will continue through the overnight hours Tuesday and into Wednesday with the possibility of isolated tornadoes in some of those bands.

Storm surge will impact the coast with a possible 10 foot storm surge in northern counties and a 3-5 foot surge in the Bay Area. With a full super moon, tides will be running high, about 2-3 feet which again will cause coastal flooding.

Tropical storm force wind will be most likely overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday morning before Idalia races to the northeast. Conditions will improve Wednesday afternoon and evening with highs in the mid 80s.

There will be leftover moisture Thursday and Friday so rain chances will still remain high as morning rain at the coast eventually pushes inland.

Things really dry out just in time for Labor Day weekend with highs returning to the lower 90s.