NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) – A man attacked by a 7-foot-alligator that he mistook for a dog was finally released from the hospital this week after suffering injuries to his leg.

Raymond Schott, 49, told NBC 2 about the moment he stepped outside for a smoke after midnight on June 7.

As Schott walked outside of his room at Warm Mineral Springs Motel in North Port, he heard nothing but the noises of children, he thought.

“I just stepped outside for a cigarette; thought I heard some kids screaming. I just stepped out to smoke and took a little walk around the courtyard or whatever, but uh, mister alligator changed my plans a little,” Schott said.

Schott had no idea an alligator grabbed his leg that night.

“It was like a GRRRRR, a rumble, a deep deep rumble,” he said. “I thought it was a Pitbull, like a really upset Pitbull.”

Luckily, Schott was able to get the attention of a nearby deputy who called the paramedics and helped tie off his bleeding leg.

Viewer photo provided to WFLA

“I knew if I fell, I was going to get the rest of what he had for me. I didn’t want to stick around for that,” he remarked.

After five days in the hospital, surgery, 30 staples and a temporary drain on his wound, Schott is finally able to walk again.

“I feel very lucky to have my leg…I told my surgeon do everything you can to save my leg,” said Schott.

His surgeon advised him to quit smoking after this incident.

The sheriff’s office said a deputy was able to capture the gator before the trapper arrived at the motel, the alligator was removed from the area.