Hunter’s Moon: October’s full moon to appear in sky this week


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Don’t forget to look up! October’s full moon will appear in the sky this week.

The moon, called the “Hunter’s Moon” will peak at 10:57 A.M. Eastern Time on Wednesday, but will still appear full from Monday, Oct. 18 through Thursday night (Oct. 21).

The Hunter’s Moon is the moon that follows the Harvest Moon, which occurs each year close to the first day of fall (Sept. 22, 2021).

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the moon became known as the Hunter’s Moon because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter months ahead. Farmers would clear out the land on the Harvest Moon, and the bare fields would allow hunters to see deer and other game under the Hunter Moon’s light without obstruction.

Some say this full moon appears more orange in color and is bigger than other full moons. But it’s just an optical illusion. The size never changes.

The color comes from the moon’s position in the sky. It rises close to sunset. At dusk, when the full moon is rising over the horizon, the light from the moon travels through more atmosphere to get to your eye. The distance matters because the earth’s atmosphere will scatter blue light. The thicker the atmosphere, the more blue light is scattered about, leaving red and orange colors to pass through. This leaves the moon appearing more orange in color as it nears the horizon. It loses color as it rises higher in the sky.

The moon also appears larger near the horizon because our eyes are able to compare it to other objects.

You can use a roll of paper as a reference. When the moon is near the horizon, roll up a paper while looking through it to match the size of the moon. Tape the tube to keep the size the same. Later on, when the moon has risen higher, look through the tube again. The moon will fill the exact same space as it did before.

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