(MEDIA GENERAL) – After the worst mass shooting in United States history, as so often is the case, we began to see good emerge from evil. Community members in Orlando showed up on scene to help hand out water, and supplies to those in need. And, many around the country are looking for ways to help as well.

There are some things you can do right now.

Blood donations

Soon after the shootings that left at least 50 dead, and 53 injured, the OneBlood center put out a call for blood donors to help the victims. OneBlood said it especially needed donors with rare blood types. The response was swift and massive. Lines snaked around blocks of people willing to donate.

By Sunday afternoon, OneBlood posted on it’s website that it was at capacity. It encouraged people to donate over the next several days and to host blood drives of their own.

You can donate financially to help to OneBlood’s efforts by going online to www.oneblood.org.

Pulse Victims Fund

Equality Florida set up a donation page to support the victims after the mass shooting. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga and George Takei, known LGBT activists, shared the link.

Equality Florida posted the money raised will go directly to the victims and families of the mass shooting. It will work with other local organizations to make sure the money gets where it is needed.

In just seven hours, more than 14,000 people had donated more than $574,000.