Grocery shopping in the summertime can be expensive. The kids are off from school, and we know they are hungry.

8 On Your Side has found some ways to keep the bill low next time you are at the grocery store.
Lisa Rowan is a savings expert at The Penny Hoarder and says the biggest piece of advice is make a list, and stick to it!

“Leave your kids at home, leave your spouse at home and stick to the list, even if it requires only taking cash with you, so you don’t stretch your budget,” said Rowan.

If you want to get the kids involved, have them help add things to the grocery list. When you are writing the list, make sure you plan ahead.

“Look for the staples, the items you can use in recipes and the items that can do double duty, be in a couple of different recipes throughout the week. Even things like sandwiches. Those are things that go a little bit longer, further in your grocery budget,” said Rowan.

If you want to save money and time, you can try ordering your groceries online. You can watch the total add up and know exactly how much you will spend.

Another tip from Rowan – cash saving apps:

“I like Ibotta. It allows you to get cash back rebates on things that you might buy regularly,” said Rowan.

8 on Your Side has 8 extra tips to keep your grocery bills low in the summer:

1. Buy frozen treats in bulk
2. Take advantage of grocery store sales
3. Check out nearby pick-your-own farms 
4. Give Farmers market “leftovers” or “seconds” a try. Get to know the produce vendors at your farmers markets and find out when they have “eftovers or seconds  to sell at a lower price.
5. Cut back on soda
6. Grow your own veggies
7. Design a meatless night
8. Get a white-board calendar and write down your meals for the week, to help you plan.