TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Whether you’re watching from your living room or heading to Glendale to see the game live, the Super Bowl is going to cost you. The question is, how much?

Over the past year, inflation has driven up prices for at-home food by 11.8%, but the good news for those watching from home is that watch party samples will be dropping in price compared to last year.

According to a new report by Wells Fargo, food such as chicken wings and guacamole will cost Super Bowl party hosts less this year.

Wells Fargo’s Chief Agricultural economist Michael Swanson told USA TODAY that people are starting to see healing in the U.S. food system.

“We’re seeing some healing in the U.S. food system. The last two years have been a real shock to a lot of people, but we’re starting to see a lot of things start working in our favor again,” Swanson told the outlet.

Super Bowl snacks: Which food prices are falling and rising

Avocados: This year, avocados will be significantly cheaper compared to last. Wells Fargo noted that prices have dropped around 20%.

Chicken wings: According to USA Today, supply is at the highest levels since the beginning of 2019. Meaning the price of chicken dropped about $3.38 per pound the week of last year’s Super Bowl to $2.65 per pound.

Hamburgers: Although hamburger prices are slightly higher than last year, they’ve fallen below their peak in July.

Sirloin steak prices have also dropped almost $1 per pound since last December, according to reports.

Now that the good news is out of the way, it’s time for the bad news…beer is going to cost a little more this Super Bowl season.

Alcohol: That’s right, beer prices have jumped 11% from last year, while wine and spirits are up 4% and 2%, according to the Wells Fargo report.

Pop: The sugary drinks are expected to cost up to 25% from last year. According to reports, shipping costs are the main reason for the price hike. A two-liter will reportedly cost around $2.13.

Chips: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, potato chip prices are about 22% to $6.28 between December 2021 and last month for a 16-ounce bag.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head on Sunday, February 12, in hopes of bringing home a Lombardi Trophy.

Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.