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Holmes Beach PD urging residents and businesses to register surveillance cameras


Holmes Beach Police are urging homeowners and businesses to help them curb crime by registering their surveillance cameras. 

The department has launched Project RASCEL. It stands for “Register All Security Camera Equipment Locations.”

Police are urging homeowners and business owners to register and let them know if they have surveillance cameras.

So if a crime occurs, they’ll immediately know if a camera was watching. 

The rollout of this program is unfortunately time. Last Thursday, an elderly Holmes Beach homeowner experienced a nightmare. When she came home, she was brutally beaten by a burglar she spotted inside. 

Police are still trying to find the suspect.

“We went door to door to find video surveillance of the area. We were able to get some but it would’ve been a lot quicker for us had we already had these locations that had cameras listed,” said Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer.

“Every minute counts, we want to get it solved as quick as we can.”

Brian Crosby lives a few blocks away from where the crime occurred. He enjoys this island paradise, but he stays on the lookout with seven surveillance cameras on his property.

“Anywhere that anybody’s comin’ around the house, we have visibility,” Crosby explained.

His home was burglarized two years ago. Thanks to his cameras, the crooks were eventually caught.
He hopes Project Rascel can save someone else from the headaches he endured.

“Nobody likes to have their privacy invaded like that, it’s not a fun feeling. That’s the worst part of any kind of break-in, you feel kind of violated in a sense because they come into your personal space,” said Crosby.

Officials stress this is a purely voluntary program and personal information is kept secure and confidential. Officers are only provided with the camera locations and the contact information of the RASCEL participants.

All information provided to the Holmes Beach Police Department is protected under Florida State Statute Chapter 119 and is exempt from public records requests.

Registration forms are available at the Holmes Beach Police Department.

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