TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – If you’re just not in to the Valentine’s Day holiday this year, the Florida Aquarium may be able to help you – and it won’t “hiss and tell.”

The Florida Aquarium announced on Instagram that, for $10, donors can name one of the aquarium’s hissing cockroaches after their ex, “or someone else who’s done you wrong!”

Those who donate will receive a commemorative certificate with a photo of the cockroach.

“And maybe even a little satisfaction,” the aquarium said in its post.

The donation form asks for the name of the roach, as well as “any vengeful words.”

“And, remember, size matters!” the aquarium wrote on its website. “At nearly four inches long, Madagascar hissing cockroaches are the world’s largest cockroach species. They emit a hissing noise as a defense mechanism.”