TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Ybor City businesses are still shaken by this weekend’s shooting and are sharing their experience about the moments that unfolded after the shooting took place.

The Tampa Police Department is asking businesses for their surveillance video to help piece together what led to the shooting that left two people dead and 16 others injured.

Many who work in the area are still grappling with the grim reminder of what it was like to be dangerously close to the gunfire.

“We weren’t aware of what happened until we saw the busy crowd moving,” said Daniel Bareswilt, a manager at Big Easy Bar. “The caution tape was tied to our door. We had to get permission to leave from the officers because it was technically a crime scene and that’s when it started to feel real to us.”

The Tampa Police Benevolent Association is also tracking the developments of the investigation.

“The Ybor squad has more folks than maybe a regular squad does because it’s a point of interest for us,” said Danny Alvarez, chief legal counsel for the Tampa Police Benevolent Association. “It has a lot of limelight for Tampa. It’s a very popular place and there’s a lot of investment in businesses and the neighborhoods there that deserve to have peace. We focus on that, and we know that it’s important.”