TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Thursday night’s heavy rain flooded streets in Ybor City. Water also crept into several businesses, leaving employees with a huge mess to clean up on Friday.

Within minutes, water was everywhere inside Ink Spot Tattoo on 7th avenue.

“It started coming down out of nowhere,” Justin Leuci said.

Justin Leuci said there was no time to prepare.

“We had about three or four inches of water just plowing through this entire building,” Leuci said.

The sudden downpour surprised many people in Ybor City Thursday night. Cars had to turn around to avoid water that rose above the curb. Leuci said they grabbed whatever they could find to sweep the water out.

“Trying to get everything unplugged and saving everything that was on the floor was absolutely our number one priority,” Leuci said.

Leuci said the water came in from the back alley and went all the way out the front door. Employees spent Friday sanitizing everything inside, forcing them to keep their doors closed until late.

Leuci said he hopes this isn’t a sign of what’s to come this hurricane season.

“We’re probably going to put sandbags behind the door back here as well,” Leuci said.

A city spokesman said they are looking at flood-prone areas throughout Tampa, including Ybor City, and investing major resources in improving those areas.