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Why the obsession with viral videos of people fighting

Tampa, FL (WFLA) -  This week we watched as two teen girls battled it out on video. But this that video is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to fights captured on camera. A simple three-word search online using the words street fight videos and the fighting floodgates open up. All kinds of videos pop up - gender,  and race doesn't matter. People are taking to the internet to express their anger and duke it out.  And the world, it seems, is right there watching it blow by blow.

"It hits us at a very core level," said Dr. Steven Walker  a licensed clinical psychologist in Tampa.

Walker believes it's actually a basic, primal and biological instinct to watch these types of videos.

 "At one point in our development as human beings, we were in caves and that genetic pre-disposition that we have to be aware of what 'was that sound,' hit us at a very core level," he said. "So when we see it in our culture we respond to it in a way that we're not even aware that we are responding to it."

Dr. Walker said the videos and their prevalence also have a direct correlation to bullying. "How many times do you think a kid is ingesting violent videos and that's desensitizing to them and they think hey that's cool - let me go bully this little kid," he said.

And the only way to combat this he said is to deal with what's going on inside our own minds. "People should stop and think what am I doing? Why am I feeding that component of me, that does need to be fed?"

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