TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — WFLA is welcoming two new babies to the family, as reporter/anchor Allyson Henning and Executive Producer Alix Staats welcome their new bundles of joy into the world.

Allyson is News Channel 8’s weekend anchor and Sarasota Bureau reporter. She and her husband José welcomed baby Mateo last week.

Allyson said Mateo is happy, healthy, and hungry! His “big sister” Ginger, the family’s dog, is making Mateo feel welcome and comfortable, as she frequently checks in on her baby brother.

She wants to give a special thanks for all the support she received throughout her pregnancy from people throughout the Tampa Bay area.

But that’s not all.

One of WFLA’s Executive producers welcomed a baby girl, Penelope, last week as well. Alix and her husband said baby Penelope is tiny but healthy at just over five pounds.

Last month, WFLA Now’s J.B. Biunno and his wife Devan welcomed their first son, JJ.

Congratulations to both Allyson and Alix, and their families!