PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – The mother of Veronica Reyes wiped away tears, covering her face at one point, consumed with grief.

“I just want my baby home safe,” Tina Cortez sobbed. “I just want to be able to hold her, kiss her, and tell her how much I love her.”

Friends and family of missing Dover mom, Veronica Reyes, say they’ve been praying for a miracle over the last year, hoping she would return home safely.

Now, twelve months later, there are no new leads. Their loved one remains missing with very few clues.

“A year is too long. I need my daughter home so i can hold her,” said Veronica’s mom.

The 23-year-old mom disappeared a year ago, Jan. 18, 2020, after she returned home from being out with a friend. According to family members, she arrived back at her house in Dover shortly after 1 a.m., then walked outside and never returned.

No one has seen her since.

Her car was still in front her house with her purse inside, along with her wallet, her keys and her driver’s license. The last people to see her were her three children – three little boys.

They desperately miss their mother. Every day they ask where she is.

“She has three beautiful handsome boys and a mom and dad that can’t sleep. I barely eat now because I can’t see my daughter. I don’t know where she’s at,” her mom said.

Family members say while their hearts are broken and feel weak, their faith remains strong.

Members of Liberty Southern Baptist Church in Plant City gathered on the anniversary of Veronica’s disappearance, praying the young mother will come home – happy and healthy.

“That is our prayer,” said Pastor Michael Fredette, who baptized Veronica as a child. “We’re not giving up that prayer. We’re not abandoning this prayer at all. No one is going to give up this prayer. We’re not giving up. I won’t let anyone give up on her.”

8 On Your Side reached out to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, asking if there were any new developments or leads in the case.

They say, sadly, there is no new information, but they are not giving up on this mother-of-three who vanished without a trace.