TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa police officers see a lot of interesting things during the overnight shift. A woman emerging from the catacombs of the Tampa storm drain system clutching a kitten in her hands may be one of the more unique calls they’ve responded to.

The woman, who only gave her name as Maria, said she heard a kitten mewing loudly from a drain near 22nd Street and Adamo Drive.

In an attempt to hoist the gray tabby from the storm drain, she tried to locate some twine outside of the nearby Ikea store. Kittens like twine, right?

When that didn’t work, and with no can openers or catnip readily available, Maria called Tampa police for backup. They lifted the heavy drain cover, but only Maria was limber enough to climb in.

One of the officers used his cell phone to record Maria, dusty and scraped up, as she climbed out of the drain with the frightened cat.

Now, with eight lives left, the kitten is believed to be resting comfortably at home with his new mom, Maria.

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