TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A kitten was rescued from a Jeep’s tire after a man noticed a noise coming from the bottom of his car after driving in Tampa.

Luis Montero was dropping his girlfriend off at an airport when they heard the sound of a cat. After checking and not finding anything underneath the car, Montero drove to work and heard the sound again.

Montero said he could not shake off the thought of the sound and decided to drive over to a nearby car shop to have it inspected.

After 40 minutes of digging, mechanics successfully pulled a kitten out of the Jeep tire. The kitten was found in the wheel well of the back left tire.

Montero said one of the mechanics, who has three cats at home, decided to take the animal home to join his family.

The kitten allegedly was in the Jeep tire all day, including an hour on a highway from Land O’ Lakes to MacDill Air Force Base.

Appropriately named, “Whodini,” the kitten is now in good hands in a loving home.