TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood was preparing for an interview at a Tampa Bay radio station when he got the call that a fleeing driver was speeding his way.

Chitwood was originally invited on the Drew Garabo Live show to discuss the response to his hard stance against anti-semitism. The sheriff recently held a news conference with community leaders to denounce hate groups who have threatened Jewish residents and even the sheriff himself.

“For some reason, people seem irritated – or irked, I guess – that Mike Chitwood is being so vocal,” Garabo said as he introduced the sheriff. “I love people who say things that fly in the face of these disgusting hate groups and the ideology that they preach.”

The sheriff was dialed into the show when his radio lit up with chatter. Chitwood later said he happened to be stopped near a driver who was fleeing Florida Highway Patrol troopers in a stolen vehicle, so he left to assist.

“FHP was chasing a car and I just happened to be stopped at the exit where this son of a b**** was coming,” Chitwood said on-air.

After Chitwood hung up, Garabo told the audience had to take the call off the air three times due to the sheriff’s language.

“He’s in the heat of the moment! The man’s chasing down an armed individual,” the cohost said. “I was deeply terrified. I mean, we’re talking to this man because he’s on the neo-nazi hit list and all we can hear is his seemingly empty vehicle.”

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office released helicopter and body-worn camera footage of the incident. The suspect was allegedly found with a handgun.

To see the full 102.5 THE BONE radio interview, follow this link.