HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — When Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, we heard several examples of how Warren had allegedly gone easy on criminals. But is it true?

8 On Your Side Investigator Mahsa Saeidi is diving into one of the cases cited to criticize Warren.

Earlier this summer, a man was accused of trying to kidnap two girls.

8 On Your Side is looking into what happened in the hours after that man’s arrest.

The question is, did Andrew Warren’s prosecutors do enough?

On June 12, David Daniels was arrested for child abuse and false imprisonment.

Court documents state Daniels “followed the victims” who were two girls he did not know.

According to Hillsborough deputies, Daniels hit one “in the head multiple times.”

Thankfully, the girls got away.

But soon, some claimed so did the suspect.

The blame was put directly on one man: Warren.

“Did he request detention? No, he did not,” said State Rep. Mike Beltran.

The case specifically mentioned the day DeSantis suspended Warren.

Daniels was released on bond after the alleged attempted kidnappings.

Beltran expressed outrage.

“They’re saying that is an example of how your office was soft on crime, what do you say to that?” asked Investigator Mahsa Saeidi.

“Well let’s talk about the one case that Rep. Beltran referenced. I’m happy to explain how the criminal justice process works to him,” said Warren.

“We don’t make decisions about bond, judges do, and in that case, the defendant was given a bond by the judge, even though he’s still actually detained in a Florida state hospital right now, we have filed the most aggressive charges against him, the case is still pending.  

So what really happened?

8 On Your Side obtained an audio clip of Daniel’s first appearance on June 13.

Here’s what Warren’s prosecutor told the judge.

“Your honor, his violent history consisted of an out-of-state 2022 assault, I do not know the disposition in that case,” she said.

The prosecutor says nothing more.

In less than one minute, the judge sets the bond at $104,000.

“So, you’re not to have contact with these victims,” said the judge.

Three days later, Daniels made bond.

Lee Pearlman is a former assistant state attorney in Pinellas County.

“If this case was before you, would you have asked for detention?” asked Saeidi.

“Because of the involvement of children, especially children this man has no association with, because of the danger that poses. I think it would have been appropriate to ask for a higher bond,” said Pearlman “They could have asked for a GPS monitor.”

The suspect was entitled to bond.

Ultimately, the amount is the judge’s call.

Pearlman says the prosecutor could have asked for higher sanctions and more conditions.

“What happened here is horrific, right? It’s the stuff of nightmares for parents,” he said.

Warren says his office filed the most aggressive charges.

The case is set for trial in November.

The suspect did have three other recent minor run-ins with police.

But that information would not have been before the prosecutor during that first court appearance.

Meantime, Warren says crime went down nearly 30% in Hillsborough County while he was in office.