HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Aquarium welcomed a 262-pound loggerhead turtle with missing flippers to its rehabilitation center.

The turtle, presumed to be around 40 years old, is missing her front right flipper and a part of her front left flipper.

Overcoming her physical challenges, she’s adapting to swimming in deeper water.

The loggerhead turtle was relocated to the aquarium’s Apollo Beach facility last week to take part in a two-week deep-dive trial.

The video shows the turtle arriving at the aquarium and having her first swim at the sea turtle’s rehabilitation center.

Since she was stranded over 30 years ago, the turtle has been in care at other facilities in shallower water.

Now that she needs her permanent home, conservationists are helping her adapt and thrive in a deep-water habitat.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will review the data and determine where to relocate her after the trial.

The Florida Aquarium launched its deep-dive trial program in 2019, with the opening of its Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center.