SUN CITY CENTER, Fla. (WFLA) — Homeowners in Sun City Center say they’re dealing with a population explosion of wild hogs — and they have the video to prove it.

“This year, all of the mamas were pregnant here and one of the videos I’ll show you has eight or nine babies,” Dr. Gail Dudley said. “They don’t have two or three – they have six or eight.

Dudley says the wild hogs are rooting up her yard and the yards of her neighbors. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website says wild hogs feed by rooting with their snouts, “which can disturb the soil and ground cover vegetation, leaving an area looking like a plowed field.”

But it’s not the destruction of landscaping homeowners are mostly concerned about. They’re more worried about their safety.

“They seem to be more aggressive and less afraid of us, so they are coming closer and they are having more babies,” Dr. Dudley said. “So that makes them more aggressive because they are watching out for the babies.”

Leslee Ruthig lives near Dr. Dudley. She says she’s worried about going outside when the hogs are near.

“The moms will charge you, so I didn’t want to be out there,” Ruthig said.

The neighbors say they need help. They tell WFLA they’ve called their Homeowners Association and contacted elected officials with little success.

WFLA’s Jeff Patterson contacted the FWC. A spokesperson told him they are now looking into the situation.

The FWC also says it is legal to trap or hunt wild hogs at any time without a permit in the state.