TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Bay veterans who are having trouble entering the workforce are finding help from fellow veterans.

Uniform to Suits is a program specifically focused on helping veterans build their own business. It’s helping veterans with marketing, networking, and building a business plan.

The founder, Daryl Hych, is also making sure veterans who are looking for a job understand a major reason why their resumes may not be getting a second glance from employers.

Hych retired from the Navy last year after 28 honorable years of service. But he was disappointed with the lack of response from employers during his job search.

“When I realized the employers weren’t hiring me, I built my own table,” Hych said.

Hych established a consulting firm and created a program called Uniform to Suits. The cohort helps veterans avoid the pitfalls of the application process.

“It’s restricting our veterans who are highly qualified for that job and opportunity, but they don’t know that one little secret, which is the applicant tracking system,” Hych said. “They’re preparing a resume that a robot is reading to determine they don’t meet the qualifications.”

Solomon Rhima has a similar story. He served in the Marine Corps for seven years. However, it took him more than a year to land a position.

“I was throwing out hundreds of applications and getting nothing back and I had no idea why,” Rhima said.

Now Rhima is helping other veterans as a senior strategist for Indeed for Military.

“The military has a different language for everything,” Rhima said. “So a program that I used was very similar to what they were wanting me to use. I didn’t realize that and it opted me out of a lot of different opportunities that I should have been a fit for.”

Rhima said translating military experience into soft skills is key.

A new report from Hiring Our Heroes and Indeed found that employers are searching for potential candidates who demonstrate leadership, adaptability, teamwork and discipline.

Many of the jobs that require those skills are in utilities, operations, and management.

Indeed has additional tools to help veterans during their job hunt, which can be found here.