TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — University of South Florida students spending their Labor Day weekend in the Juniper-Poplar buildings say it was hotter inside than outside due to a broken air conditioning system.

“The minute we walked in it was like scorching heat,” said USF freshman John Bisigiano.

It’s not just the dorms, either. Students told 8 On Your Side that the dining halls and common areas were just as hot and stuffy.

“If you check the thermostat it says 75,” said freshman Sullivan Ferrara. “And it’s going up and I can’t get it to go down.”

Hot and humid outside, with no relief inside.

“Even on top of your covers you’re sweating,” said freshman Benjamin Goldberg. “It’s just uncomfortable and not an acceptable living condition, especially when they expect us to study in the dorms.”

Goldberg said he and his roommate bought two fans for $120 today.

“There has been no communication between the actual university, the housing, and us,” Goldberg said.

That lack of communication frustrated other students.

“My RA never texted me or anything. I never got a message from my RA. She never updated me on anything,” Ferrara said. “Like no building people knocked. No texts, no calls, nothing.”

The University of South Florida told 8 On Your Side it confirmed with staff on site that the A/C is working. The university said there was an issue Sunday night, but it has since been fixed. Some students said they felt some dry, stale air, but nothing cooling them down.

“We were already hot from the atmosphere, and we were like, ‘OK, perhaps, when we enter this building it will be a little cooler,” Bisigiano said. “But it actually felt hotter when we entered.”

Many students were upset not only over the A/C, but also because they were paying nearly $1,000 a month to live in Juniper-Poplar.

“It’s humid in there, and the air’s not getting cycled, and it stinks in there,” Ferrara said. “I woke up and it smelled. I went through and sprayed the Febreze, I brought out the trash, it still smelled.”