TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The United States Capitol Police is establishing two field offices, one in Tampa and the other in San Francisco, to investigate threats made against members of Congress.

“The field offices will be the first for the Department,” the USCP said in a statement sent to 8 On Your Side. “A regional approach to investigating and prosecuting threats against Members of Congress is important so we will be working closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in those locations.”

Tuesday marked the six-month anniversary of the attack on the capitol, which resulted in two officer deaths and nearly 150 others being injured. Since that time, federal law enforcement have arrested and charged more than 500 defendants who now face charges for their part in the riot.

At least 55 of the defendants were arrested in from Florida, according to the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. The program also found that more than a dozen of those 55 defendants were from the Tampa Bay area.

According to the USCP, at this time most threats against Congress originate from Florida and California.

“The U.S. Capitol Police helps keep everyone safe, and the officers are smart to partner with local law enforcement agencies, especially Tampa Bay law enforcement, expert federal prosecutors and agents in Florida. They all have a strong track record of working together for the safety and security of all,” Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL14) said in a statement.

The USCP plans to open more field offices across the country at a later date. You can read more about their improvements to capitol security six months after the deadly riot on the department’s website.

“I trust that the partnerships  will help bring accountability to the domestic terrorists responsible for the deadly insurrection on January 6,” Rep. Castor said. “Many domestic terrorists from that racist, anti-American mob already have been arrested and charged – too many from Florida. We will learn the entire truth about the traitorous attack on our democracy. A Select Committee to investigate the deadly attack on our nation’s Capitol has been organized. We will identify those who funded the insurrection, and those involved in beatings, injuries and deaths of Capitol Police officers. Ultimately, USCP will protect the country from future attacks.”