TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Nonprofit organization TRIBE Seminole Heights is once again serving up socially distanced, community-based fun for children and their families this Halloween.

TRIBE is hosting its “Spooky Stroll” on Oct. 30 from 6-9 p.m. at the church where the organization is based. It’s an event started last year for kids to safely trick-or-treat and enjoy Halloween during the pandemic.

“We wanted to have a lot of space, so we took over the entire grounds of this very large property,” TRIBE founder and director Kristen Brown explained.

This year’s event will remain socially distanced. Families need to register to attend and will be given 30-minute arrival windows.

While volunteers will help guide families through the experience, if there is a crowd, families are asked to wait in their vehicles until it dissipates. Crowds around activities will also be monitored.

“Now that things are settling in a little bit more, we are letting a little bit looser this year, but we still feel it’s really important to be safe with our kids, so everything is still completely outdoors this year,” said Brown. “We are doing 20 stations, [so we’re] even a little bit bigger and we are increasing the kind of security around the event footprint to make sure we don’t have anybody who’s sort of coming in from the streets.” 

Local businesses catering toward children will be manning many of those 20 stations. Brown said that includes a local dance studio, a nonprofit that teaches languages to kids, an allergy-friendly baker and more.

“We really tried to bring in folks that can continue to make our neighborhood feel strong and safe. And these are all businesses that have been serving these same families… So it’s a great way for us to all come together and serve our same group,” said Brown.

Volunteers are still needed for set-up and preparations for Spooky Stroll. Candy donations are being accepted as well and can be dropped off at their location at 6111 North Central Avenue in Tampa.

“We’re a tribe. We’re a community of artists and musicians and people who sort of like to sprinkle glitter on a situation so our artists are all pitching in right now and they’re making these beautiful backdrops. They’re doing what we do here, which is we use what we have, everything’s been donated,” Brown explained.

According to its website, TRIBE is a “community-focused nonprofit that integrates unique learning experiences, family support, and strategic outreach with a focus on the wellness of children and families.”

“We have baking, coding, cooking, really any kind of activity you can think of, art classes and music,” Brown said.

TRIBE offers educational activities and classes for families all week for just $5.