TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Travis Horn went to the Buccaneers game in Tampa on Sunday. When he returned home he discovered a disturbing notification on his phone.

“I sat down on the couch, picked up my phone and I got this scary alert that said someone can see your exact location,” Horn said.

The notification on his phone also showed a map that detailed his every move after the game.

“You can track our progress, walking back to our car, going down Lois, circling back around,” Horn said.

The notification showed there was an “apple air tag” in close proximity to him, but Horn doesn’t own a tracker and he couldn’t find one when he started looking for it. He’s concerned people could be tracking his moves with bad intent.

“We have a lot of things going on in our lives, I’ve taken some pretty tough political stances on things,” said Horn who owns a public relations firm and has spoken on TV as a political commentator.

Tony Urbanovich is the owner and CEO of Cyber Insight in Tampa and says tracking devices can be used for many good purposes, like finding keys or keeping track of pets.

“There are nefarious reasons too. Relationships gone bad, people wanting to stalk someone, car thieves,” Urbanovich said.

He says the devices are easy to hide and can be difficult to find.

“It’s easy to place this thing on a vehicle, you don’t need access to the inside and it’s the size of a quarter,” Urbanovich said.

Apple will send out a notification if you are being tracked, but it may take a while for you to see it.

“You will, after a period of time, receive an alert that says ‘hey, there is a device that’s tracking you.’ Unfortunately, that could be eight to 24 hours,” Urbanovich said.

He suggests downloading an app to see if you are being tracked. Urbanovich said there are several apps to choose from.

“You could also download a Bluetooth tracker app that will help you locate if there is a Bluetooth tracker in proximity to me,” Urbanovich said.

He also suggested taking a moment before discarding a tracker. He said you should be able to find the owner’s I.D. on the device. If you feel threatened, you can report it to local law enforcement and then remove the battery from the device to disable it.