TAMPA. Fla. (WFLA) — Storms left behind a mess in parts of Ybor City.

The National Weather Service confirmed a brief microburst happened Wednesday afternoon. People spent most of Thursday cleaning up.

Charles Carpenter says it all happened so fast.

“The wind kicked up and it was very forceful,” Carpenter said. “Things were flying sideways.”

He was home when he says the rain and wind got stronger. Before he knew it, water was gushing from the ceiling. His roof was ripped apart.

“We had no time to respond in any way except to try to save the house,” Carpenter said.

There wasn’t much he could do. The damage was done after several minutes. Part of his ceiling was on the floor and his living room is soaked.

“Been trying to go around and pick up personal things because we can’t stay here,” Carpenter said.

Several apartments at Ybor City Duets were also damaged and condemned Thursday.

Michael Warmington was also home during Wednesday’s storms. His ceiling caved in multiple rooms. He spent Thursday packing up whatever he could.

“The apartment is gone. A lot of my electronics are gone. Furniture wise, I was able to collect big furniture, but most of it was just gone,” Warmington said. “I’m devastated but the neighborhood kind of got together afterward, and we all kind of were sharing this grief. But I mean, it is what it is. You can’t really do much about it.”

After the storm, and throughout the day, the neighborhood got together to help each other. Carpenter is thankful because he knows this could’ve turned out differently.

“Everyone in the neighborhood is OK,” Carpenter said. “It’s just a lot of damage and I think just from hearing from others, this is probably the most damage.”

The Red Cross was out Thursday assisting those displaced.