TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — When thieves stole Lieutenant Johnson Junior’s trailer, they stole his livelihood.

“Long time ago, they stole it, stole my trailer and all my stuff,” Johnson said. “And I went to locking it up.”

Johnson owns his own lawn service and keeps his equipment on the trailer.

Recently the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on YouTube urging trailer owners to be vigilant. Sheriff Chad Chronister calls it a crime of opportunity, as many owners leave their trailers unsecured.

“We’ve been seeing thieves targeting trailers that are unsecured,” Chronister said on the video. “Park your trailer out of view. Use a chain or a cable to secure the trailer to something that can’t move. Remove the wheels if not used regularly. “

Last month, the agency posted surveillance video from a recent theft. Scott Wooley was the victim in that case.

“When this happens, it’s like someone broke into your house,” Wooley said. “It breaks your heart, guys come in here six days a week, work overtime to provide for their family, and the worst part is it was a jet ski trailer.”

Johnson said ever since his trailer was stolen, he is now making sure it’s locked up.

“I just lock the gate,” said Johnson. “Sometimes i leave it hooked to the truck (so they) can’t get it all the way out.”