HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A mom said her 8-year-old daughter was mauled by a neighbor’s dog over the weekend in Tampa’s Old Seminole Heights neighborhood.

The victim’s family said the dog is still with its owners, and they say that’s not good enough.

McKenzie Collins needed 26 stitches after being attacked by a neighbor’s dog on Sunday morning.

Hillsborough County told News Channel 8 it has issued three citations to the dog owner. The citations include the dog not having current vaccinations, not having the dog confined, attacking and causing injury.

Collins typically plays outside on her scooter, but now she’s afraid after getting attacked by a dog.

“It was big. It had jumped on me,” she said.

Collins said a neighbor’s dog escaped and began running toward her on East Crenshaw Street.

“It was biting on me,” said Collins. “I was trying to get it off and I was screaming, like nobody heard me until I said ‘God, please help me’ and that’s when they came.”

Her mom, Laura Fowler, said a neighbor heard those screams and tried to protect the girl from the dog.

“When they got the dog off of her, the dog was still trying to attack her. So it wasn’t just a bite,” said Fowler. “It was still trying to physically attack her over and over again.”

The attack traumatized the young girl and left her with lacerations and wounds on her chest and back, sending her to the hospital where she got 26 stitches.

“That dog should’ve been taken because I love dogs — don’t get me wrong, but this dog tried to kill my daughter,” said Fowler.

She’s calling for the dog to be removed from her neighbor’s home.

“What if it happened to my other kids or somebody else kids? I want — I want everybody to know what happened,” she said.

Fowler said she reported this incident to Hillsborough County and has yet to hear from the dog’s owners.

The county said the attack is under investigation. It is determining if the dog needs to be labeled a dangerous dog, which is a very thorough process.