TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Google released its top trends of the year, and the top searches in Tampa have also been revealed.

“Barbershop” was the top trending “near me” topic in Tampa, according to Google.

The top recipe was “baby formula,” amid the nationwide shortage.

According to Google, the Tampa area was the only place in the United States that had “giant African land snail” as its top trending animal, after the Florida Department of Agriculture confirmed their presence in New Port Richey.

Two places in the U.S. had “cookies” as a top trending “near me” search, but the Tampa Bay area searched for it the most. The other area was Ft. Smith, AR.

The Tampa Bay area also searched for rap more than any other genre of music.

The top 10 trending “near me” searches in the Tampa Bay area, some in part to Hurricane Ian, included:

  • Sand bags near me
  • Gas prices near me
  • Cheapest gas near me
  • Power outages near me
  • Pilates near me
  • Food Pantry near me
  • Cookies near me
  • Concerts near me
  • IV therapy near me

The full list of top trends can be seen on Google.