TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The latest addition to the downtown Tampa skyline is finally open to the public. After months, if not years, of being eyed by locals and visitors, the Tampa EDITION hotel hosted its grand opening on Oct. 21.

“There’s a bunch of people who are carrying on what was just words on a piece of paper,” John Fraser said. “Now people are eating those words.”

Fraser is the chef who led the team creating the restaurants in the city’s first five-star hotel.

“I think I’m most excited because we’ve created three unique restaurants inside of one building,” explained Fraser. “That allows us to touch people in many parts of their day, many parts of their week.”

EDITION’s three restaurants include Market, their take on an Italian trattoria, Azure, healthy Greek eats and cocktails on the rooftop, and Lilac, fine Mediterranean dining.

“We’ve hopefully tried to create something that’s unique to the market,” Fraser said. “We’ve never cooked any of this food before and we’ve never served it this way.”

Fraser worked with his beverage manager, Amy Racine, to create a wine and cocktail list that complimented the food.

“For Lilac, we have a cocktail called the Turkish Vineyard,” Racine said. “The whole idea is for it to have a little bit more of a winemaker’s point-of-view for the cocktail and also have the Mediterranean aspect.”

Racine and Fraser hope the city takes to their ideas that they’ve spent the last year plus preparing.

“I was very impressed with the curiosity of the diners,” Fraser said. “Very impressed with the level of hospitality I received in a couple of restaurants locally. From there, it was just a matter of trying to build on their success.”

The EDITION had a private concert on Oct. 21 headlined by Lenny Kravitz, featuring plenty of celebrities, followed by an after-party at the hotel.