TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa is the worst city for those suffering with allergies. That’s according to pollen.com.

“I just always have a runny nose and my daughter, she is 17 months, and she also has a runny nose all the time right now. You feel like you’re getting a cold but you’re not,” said Megan Brown.

The yellow mess is causing problems everywhere and making people feel absolutely miserable.

“A runny nose or an itchy nose. It can give you a sore throat. It can give you dry, itchy eyes or a lot of tearing or itchy, painful red eyes,” said Dr. Lou Romig with After Hours Pediatrics.

Hundreds of people have flooded doctor’s offices thinking they have infections when really, it’s just a bad allergy season.

“There’s a lot of overlap in those symptoms. So sometimes the best thing [to] do is try the allergy medicine and if the allergy medication makes the symptoms go away, chances are it’s probably not infection,” said Dr. Romig.

Doctors recommend taking a non-drowsy over the counter pill such as Claritin or Allegra.

Doing small things around your house can also be a game changer.

“Kids, when they are coming in from school, don’t take the backpack to the bedroom. Keep the backpack close to the foyer. Indoor, outdoor pets, give them a bath at least once a week,” said Dr. Romig.

If you’re severely allergic, you can wear a mask outdoors.

Otherwise, it’s all about making yourself the most comfortable.

“If your eyes are feeling dry and itchy, then flush your eyes out. You can also flush out your nasal cavity with salt water,” said Dr. Romig.

This allergy season is only expected to get worse, as it’s just getting started.

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