TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A group of volunteers working for Project DYNAMO, which is based out of Tampa, rescued 47 American citizens and lawful residents out of Afghanistan as of Saturday.

According to Project DYNAMO, a team of Americans went into the now Taliban-controlled country a week ago to help retrieve those left behind after the U.S. military made an immediate withdrawal following the collapse of the Afghan government.

Within 24 hours, Project DYNAMO said it managed to rescue 47 evacuees, the youngest being an 11-month-old American that waddled his way to safety.

The evacuees were then escorted by three Project DYNAMO volunteers who took them on three separate flights to another country in the Middle East before getting to JFK International Airport in New York City, according to a Project DYNAMO release.

The final flight, which carried a volunteer and eight evacuees, was set to arrive in NYC Sunday morning.

(Photo Courtesy of James Judge)

Project DYNAMO is a group of both former and current military service members in Tampa dedicated to help save as many Afghan allies and American citizens from potential danger under the rule of the Taliban.

Its website, where patrons can make donations, explains that it takes its name from Operation Dynamo, a joint military and civilian operation to rescue Allied soldiers from Dunkirk in World War II.

Correction: The story originally referred to Operation Dynamo as an American plan. It was a British plan.