TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Southwest employee at Tampa International Airport took care of a passenger’s beloved fish after the Tampa student learned she couldn’t take it on her flight when leaving for the summer.

Southwest Airlines posted on Facebook on Tuesday that Kira Rumfola learned she couldn’t take her fish, Theo, on the plane with her.

“As a recent addition to Kira’s life, Theo is very special to her, having provided comfort and companionship as she adjusted to college life,” the post said.

A customer service agent, named Ismael, talked to Kira and her father about multiple options available.

When nothing worked out, Southwest said Ismael offered to take the fish home and care for it himself while Kira was home for the summer.

According to the post, Kira stayed in touch with Ismael and his fiancé, a fellow Southwest employee, all summer. The couple regularly sent Kira pictures of Theo. They even bought a brand new fishbowl.

When Kira returned to Tampa for her sophomore year of school, she met with the couple and reunited with Theo.

The couple let Kira know to reach out if she ever needed anything.