Behind the scenes at the MTV Movie and TV Awards a star is born.

Tampa high-end shoe designer Cedrick McDonald, creator of “Exotics By Cedrick,” was selected to be part of MTV’s “Secret Room” events gifting suite where stars where wowed by Cedrick’s designs.

Cedrick’s shoes are now being seen on the red carpet. “It’s a very overwhelming and humbling experience,” said McDonald.

With sleek designs and a newly patented snake skin outsole the shoes are fast becoming a fashion craze, even though the launch of the brand was very grassroots.

“Basically, I started my own on line page and I bought a Facebook sponsored ad and I started seeing interest and it wasn’t mediocre interest it was massive interest,” said McDonald.

McDonalds tag line is life life through your soul and his mission is to give back, so he partnered with the Aids Foundation to help fight the disease.

“A certain percentage goes to HIV and AIDS awareness to fight that epidemic,” he said.

The one-time hair stylist turned high end shoe designer thanks God daily for giving him a gift that can help others facing struggles.  That’s why each Exotics By Cedrick shoe design tells a story. 

“For example the Donatella, I was in a really dark place at the time that’s where the deep bold red comes into play, and I placed a small black rose on the side of it because that it represents my triumph over that particular situation,” McDonald explained.

The shoe brand developed just two years ago is already in step with other high priced designer brands, and McDonald hopes to be rolling them out in retail stores soon.  

For now you can find them on Facebook and online by clicking here