TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)) —The Tampa rapper accused of fatally shooting his pregnant girlfriend was denied bond during a pretrial detention hearing on Monday.

Billy Adams, 25, faces a first-degree murder charge and a charge of killing an unborn child by injury to the mother, police said.

During the hearing, Adams’ defense attorney filed a motion for a protective order to prohibit the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office, Tampa Police Department, and Clerk of Court, from making and disclosing comments and case-related documents about the cause.

Police said Adams allegedly shot and killed 22-year-old Alana Sims because he didn’t want her or their unborn child in his life. Sims was found dead outside her car at the Easton Park subdivision. A toddler was found sleeping in a car seat in the vehicle. Police said the toddler was not harmed.

“She was sweet she had one of the biggest hearts ever she would do anything for anybody that she loved, and she loved her son, she adored him,” said Antonia Dudley, Sims friend.

 Dudley said her best friend was laid to rest on Sunday. She would have turned 23 on Monday.

“That’s why I have on pink today’s her birthday,” said Dudley.

Through interviews, surveillance video and other evidence, police learned that Adams was with Sims the night of the shooting. After making numerous inconsistent statements about what happened, Adams admitted to meeting Sims that evening and said he shot her in self-defense after she pulled a gun on him.

“That is how damaging this can be we don’t know whether or not any statement made by Mr. Adams is going to be lawfully admitted into evidence,” said Jamie Kane, Adam’s attorney.

Police said the murder happened just days after Adams was acquitted of double murder. In 2020, the rapper was accused of killing two men in a Lutz recording studio.  He claimed self-defense in those killings as well.

“People have taken a great interest in this case, the first case has nothing to do with the second case except the timing,” said Kane.

Kane said the uniqueness of this case could impact Adams right to a constitutional and fair trial, as well as seating a jury, but the judge denied the motion.

“We know at this point that that the continued media attention is threatening Mr. Adams right to a fair trial.”