TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — When considering a place to retire, not only do we think about financial security, but also where we can relax, be safe, and have access to good healthcare.

And Tampa residents don’t have to go far.

Tampa was ranked as the No. 1 city in America to retire in, according to WalletHub.

Tampa had a total score of 59.93, with Scottsdale, Arizona following closely behind with a total score of 59.87.

Tampa had an affordability score of 40, an activity score of 5, a quality of life score of 26, and a health care score of 79.

Another Tampa Bay area city made the list, with St. Petersburg coming in at No. 12 with a total score of 55.68.

Three other Florida cities made the top five, out of a national list of 180 cities, with Fort Lauderdale at No.3, Orlando at No. 4, and Miami at No. 5.

The city that ranked No. 180 on the list was Stockton, California with a total score of 35.33.

WalletHub also said only 27% of people felt “very confident” to retire comfortably. 64% said they were only somewhat confident.

On average, workers said that the age of 66 is when they plan to retire, compared to age 60 in 1995, according to Gallup polling,